Where’s the meltdown filter?!?

I searched everywhere but I could not find one?! There’s no filter that softens the sharp kicks, pinches or slaps that can be felt while Mo’s thrashing around…

There’s no filter that will show Mo laughing and dancing along to nursery rhymes for his baby brother to see, instead of seeing him throwing his toys all over the room…

No, life’s just not that simple! And why should it be? From what I’m learning, Mo isn’t able to filter his emotions and ‘react accordingly‘. His sensory perceptions are disordered and he’s unable to communicate .. I honestly can’t imagine how that must feel.

I know that this journey will be a continuous learning experience and I’m already beginning to see that the wonderful moments totally outweigh any meltdowns and, that trying to make them ‘better’ will often be out of my control .. and that’s ok! If all we have to do is love him throughout, I don’t need a filter for that ❤

“Meltdowns don’t

‘just happen’

They are the result of growing frustration.

Not the need for control.

Mother & Sons Autism Journey

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